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Molodechno district is a land of uniquely magnificent nooks. Getting to the area of this part of Belarus is as if you find yourself in another reality: neat mottled houses, age-old oaks, spruce trees, winding rivers and crystal-clear air. It’s no coincidence that the basic background on the coat of arms of Molodechno is blue. It symbolizes the azure of local lakes and rivers, flowering flax, the grandeur and beauty of Belarusian nature.

The district is home to the Bortniki landscape reserve, the Weymouth Pine biological reserve, the river Vyazynka hydrological reserve, a natural monument Larch in Lebedevo Forestry, hydrological natural monuments Krinitsa Leshno, Krinitsa Bogdanovicha.

The rivers that flow through the district are the Usha, the Viliya, the Berezina. Part of the Vileyka Minsk water system passes through the area. These water bodies are a popular tourist destination.

The river Usha is one of the most beautiful tributaries of the Eastern Berezina.  The water route passes through a sparsely populated area. The river is winding enough to improve one’s kayak management skills. During the journey one can encounter a small number of such obstacles as fallen or sunken trees, but this just gives thrills to the trip down this beautiful river.

The biggest artificial reservoir in Belarus is situated on the river Viliya. From the banks of the Vileyskoye Reservoir wonderful views of the water surface are open to the visitors. The Vileyskoye Reservoir was constructed at the beginning of the seventies to increase the water supply to Minsk. Now the reservoir is being used for tourism. Its high pine-covered coast has been appreciated by tourists every year coming here with tents.

One of the most popular tourist destinations is the river Viliya which runs in the north-east of Belarus. The total length of this waterway is 510 km. Today its banks are dotted with campsites and are equipped with beaches. The Viliya is the main tributary of the Nioman. The river with the rivulets flowing into it and cascades of lakes adjoining it is very popular with local anglers. Here the burble and the chub are found.

One of the most popular water routes in Molodechno district is the itinerary "On a Visit to Mikhail Oginski” with its total length of 30 rm. The bicycle routes "Around the Vileyka Reservoir”, "To the township of Gorodok” and others also enjoy popularity.