Sport in Molodechno District


Molodechno residents care about a healthy lifestyle and the development of sport.

Every year tourist meetings among students and young workers, a year-round sports festival and competitions in particular sports (mini-football, basketball, volley-ball, cross-country skiing and others) are held in the district.

The district has an excellent base for the development of sport: 86 standard sports facilities, including 3 stadiums, 52 gyms, 11 swimming-pools and mini pools, a riding school, gorodki-courts, 9 football playing fields, 2 mini-football pitches with an artificial surface. In all 302 experts work in the branch of physical training and sport, 238 of them have higher physical education.

Today 34 kinds of sport are being developed in Molodechno district. At the present time 2 148 pupils attend 6 children’s and youth sports schools, 594 of which are situated in the countryside. 92 coaches work there. Among the pupils attending sports schools 64 young sportsmen are members of different national teams. Every year about 200 representatives of Molodechno district become winners of district, national and international competitions.

In 2010 in Molodechno district 195 sports contests and 80 final district, national and international competitions were held.

In the calendar of mass sports events of the district there are activities for different age groups – from kindergartners to seniors. Among the prizewinners and champions Molodechno is proud of there are Ighor Fortunov, Dmitryi Solei, Sergei Burdukov, Aleksandr Panthukhov, Alla Ivashkevich, Ekaterina Izotova, Rezvan Gadzhiev, Vitalyi Shavliuk, Gennadyi Sushko, Maksim Vial and others.

Sports organizations of the district provide more than 60 types of services.