Literary Heritage of Molodechno District


Molodechno district is famous for the country men who greatly contributed to its culture and literature. Historians, for instance, think that Symon Budny (1530-1593) wrote his book "About God’s conception” just in Molodechno district, in the village of Khokhlovo.


In the borough of Radoshkovichy one of the national Byelorussian prose founders Yadvigin Sh – Anton Ivanovich Levitsky (1869-1922) lived and worked. His friends were Yanka Kupala, Maxim Bogdanovich, Zmitrok Byadulya.


Ignat Buinitsky(1861-1917) – a Byelorussian actor, director, the creator of the professional Byelorussian theatre spent several years in Molodechno during World War I.


In 1923-1931 in Radoshkovichy a public and political figure, a literary critic, the author of the first "Byelorussian grammar for schools” Bronislav Tarashkevich (1822-1938) lived and worked. Yanka Kupala (1882-1942) was born and began his literary activity in Molodechno district too.



There are branches of the Yanka Kupala State literary museum in Yakhimovschyna and Vyazynka villages, that are in Molodechno district.Visiting Yakhimovschyna is of great interest among tourists – there, working as a distiller assistant, Kupala lived in a wing. Nowadays visitors have a chance to touch the door handle Ivan Lutsevich touched and can imagine a young poet writing "And who is going there?” secretly in the intervals between his routine work.


Since 1983 in July-August the amateurs of Byelorussian culture have come to Rakutevschyna that is in Molodechno district. At the beginning of the last century Maxim Bogdanovich came on a visit to Lychkovsky country estate. There he wrote some of his poems, that were included in the book "Vyanok”, created the poem "Veronika”. Nowadays there is a museum in the former country estate. Unfortunately, there aren’t things left, used by Bogdanovich. But the museum workers tried to recreate the furniture according to that time. Every year a lot of Bogdanovich’s amateurs come to visit this place.