Industry and Agriculture in Molodechno District



There are 50 companies of the main industrial group in the district (9 state-owned enterprises and 41 private companies). More than 16300 work in the industrial sector. The structure of industry branches is diverse. It includes food industry, metal working, production of construction materials, furniture production, light industry, perfumery, ceramics industry, etc.

The following enterprises have the largest shares in district production volume: LLC "Triple-Veles”  (30.1%), JSC ”Molodechno Milk Processing Plant”  (11.2%), "Molodechno Metalware Plant Republican Unitary Enterprise”(8.8%),  JSC "Zabudova” (6.5%), "Molodechnomebel” Ltd.(4.1%).

14929 people work in the industry.

District agriculture includes 15 agricultural organizations and services. 62 farms are registered in the area. The number of workers makes up 3300. Agricultural organizations cultivate 60873 ha of land including 40248 ha of tillage. Agricultural land and tillage have a qualitative assessment of  32.1 and 34.3 points accordingly. District agricultural organizations specialize in cattle breeding, cultivation of crops, sugar beet, flax, rape, potatoes. There are 93 stock-raising farms in agricultural organizations including 55 dairy and 10 pig-breeding farms. The district is known for its battery farm, pork production complex and bakery.

There are 65 registered farms in Molodechno district. The average size of farm land makes up 40.4 ha  while the total area of cultivated land is 2640 ha. including 1582 ha of tillage.  In 2012 farmers stated that 120 ha of land was provided for crop rotation.

Farms specialize in crop production, cattle breeding, gardening, vegetable-growing, fish-breeding. There are registered farms involved in cultivation of medicinal plants, snail and crayfish breeding.

Molodechno district exports metal production (round pipes, tubes of rectangular cross-section, medical instrument and furniture, machinery, metal profiles, fridge componentry, road repair equipment, retarders, electric loaders, friction products), furniture, electrical equipment, cheese, butter, confectionary, powdered milk, sausages, semi-finished goods, alcoholic beverages, mineral water, perfumery, building materials, extinguishers, etc.

The district imports frozen pork, ferrous  and non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metal powders, lacquers and finishing agents for furniture industry, electronic components, equipment, goods made on commission.