Molodechno is a cultural centre


Nowadays Molodechno is rightly regarded as a cultural centre of Minsk region. 26 institutions of culture and art are operating in the town. The citizens are proud of the Oginsky music college. Yury Antonov, a singer and composer, Tamara Rayevskaya, a  soloist of the Belarussian radio and television, Lyudmila Kolos, a soloist of the Belarusian Opera and Ballet theatre, and others were among its graduates. A bronze sculpture of the world famous composer, social leader, the author of the legendary polonaise "Farewell to Motherland” – Michael Kleophas Oginsky was erected next to the college in 2001.


The Minsk region drama theatre based on Molodechno People’s theatre was founded in Molodechno. The first performance "The land” (based on "The new land” by Yakub Kolas) was shown in 1993.   


The museum of regional studies in Molodechno was founded on the 31st of July in 1959. The total area of 2 exhibit halls and a showroom is 450 square metres.  Annually the museum holds about 40 exhibitions, 200 lectures and museum studies, more than 350 excursions. Its exposition is annually visited by 18,5 thousand men.


A puppet  theatre "Batleika” appeared in Molodechno in 1990. Since the first days "Batleika” has been focused on the old traditions of the Belarusian culture and Christian spirituality. The specialty of the theatre is a play "The Angel’s Sword” by Igor Sidoruk. The repertoire of the theatre includes 22 plays, 90% of which are tales in the Belarusian language.

 The majestic Palace of Culture, built in 2002, has become a real centre of pastime and recreation of the citizens. Its showroom hosts the exhibitions of the local craftsmen, both Belarusian and foreign artists. The Winter garden, evening parties, entertaining shows and discos attract numerous citizens. The festival of Belarusian song and poetry is held every two years in Molodechno.

 The town also hosts the Festival of National Cultures, the Dancing Contest "Molodechno Cup”, the international theatre festival of solo plays "I am”, the regional festival of amateur art "The World of hobbies”, the district contest of singers "One land”, the open festival of young singers "Maladzichok”, the open district competition of zimbalists "The dulcimer is heard on Kupala’s land”, the republic theatre festival "Molodechnenskaya sokovitsa”, regional holidays "Molodechno Fair” and others.